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«Human Turtle» Bites Jurors When Convicted

Antioch, Ill., June 23 (AP). — County authorities say that Jack Wilcox is something of a human snapping turtle.

They reported that he bit eight jurors in Justice Court because they convicted him of biting the Antioch town marshal, John Brogan, after he arrested him on a charge of driving an automobile while intoxicated.

Wilcox had the assistance of his 90-year-old, but nimble farther, who seized the judge’s gavel and black-jack of the deputy marshal, James Horan, as Horan was leading Jack from the court room after the trial.

A blow with the mallet and another with the blackjack made Horan stop clutching his prisoner, who then dived into the jury box to start biting. The services of two surgeons were required when he had finished.

source: Reading Eagle — Jun 23, 1932

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